Since August 15, 2006 (the inception of our firm for statistical purposes), a composite index of our managed portfolios has returned (data through 12/31/2018):

Composite Returns (Net of Fees)
through 12/31/2018
S&P 500 TR
Since Inception (total) 460.9% 149.5%
Since Inception (annualized) 15.0% 7.7%
Trailing 12 months 13.3% -4.4%

*inception is 08/15/2006

These returns are net of fees and include reinvestment of all income.
Since so many of our accounts are taxable, these returns are not consistent across all accounts.

While we have managed many of these accounts since 1996, we are unable to publish composite returns for before 2006 due to the constraints of our former firms.